Sean Clifford’s Limitless NIL Acquired by TEAM Group Holdings

Limitless NIL, a market leader in evolving NIL markets, has announced that it will now be part of TEAM Group Holdings, Inc which is a Pennsylvania Corporation (“TEAM”) TEAM’s brand house includes Limitless, Strategic Sports Marketing, and Sports Vault.

TEAM’s mission includes maximizing an athlete’s earnings potential and ensuring strong ROI for clients’ companies through influencer activation.

Limitless NIL was founded in 2022 by Sean Clifford and Liam Clifford. It aims to assist student-athletes in building cutting-edge brands, and business relationships that are relevant for the world NIL.

Limitless was founded in 2022 with five employees and seven athletes. Today, Limitless has more than 50 athletes signed up and a growing pool of talent and sponsors.

The Nittany Lion faithful were delighted to welcome back veteran QB Sean Clifford for his sixth season. Clifford also enjoyed a standing ovation from the Beaver Stadium crowd of 100,000 students and fans wearing blue and white, which was accompanied by Clifford’s football legacy.

Clifford returned to Central PA to continue his legacy of helping young athletes by creating Limitless NIL. Clifford, the MVP of the 2023 Rose Bowl, and Penn State’s all time leading passer, is leaving a lasting legacy. Limitless is truly an agency “for the players, by players”.

Clifford shares, “When I decided to return to Penn State, I knew that it was something I wanted to do in a big way. Limitless NIL was born from this. We saw that extreme ownership was essential to our mission statement when we first met to discuss it. With my brother, I started a company that has my back. It still has my back today. The results have been amazing. This is what “for the players by players” has meant over the years.

Limitless NIL aims to give players extreme ownership so that they can make informed decisions starting in high school.

Young athletes can build a foundation for future and current earnings by taking advantage of the constantly evolving Name, Image, & Likeness landscape in amateur athletics. Clifford and Limitless have set themselves up to help these athletes navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of the NIL.

Limitless has secured deals with companies of all sizes, from small businesses in State College, Pennsylvania to internationally recognized brands to large public companies worth multi-billions.

Sean Clifford has also made angel investments in Strive and The Player’s Wallet.

“We had the plans to be a major player within the NIL space long before NIL was officially approved. We knew that our future must include Sean and Liam Clifford after we met with them last year. They already had many pieces of the puzzle, including a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who were driving the business. Pat Waters, President and CEO of TEAM, stated that he is thrilled with the newly consolidated NIL platform. He also expressed his excitement about our continued rapid growth in 2023.

“Pat and his team have been monetizing professional athletes brands for nearly 20 years. Peter Luukko (Chairman of TEAM) stated that he is proud to align his values with Limitless and strategically expand his reach in the NIL section.”

Limitless will remain a standalone brand, even though it is now a fully-owned subsidiary of TEAM. TEAM’s merger will give Limitless the resources and tools it needs to continue its rapid growth. Limitless will be able to assist athletes in the country with their industry navigation, making confident decisions and achieving greater success.

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