Amberjack Receives an Investment From NFL Star Aaron Rodgers

Amberjack, the men’s footwear brand known for its modern approach to dress shoes, has announced a significant partnership with NFL star and current New York Jets quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Amberjack, aligning with the kickoff of the 2023 NFL season and the New York Jets’ first game against the Buffalo Bills. The partnership underscores Amberjack’s ongoing commitment to innovation in men’s dress shoes and its dedication to environmental sustainability.

Initial discussions about this partnership began in 2020, during the pandemic’s early stages, before Amberjack had officially launched. Aaron Rodgers was intrigued by the brand’s vision and became an investor in 2021. Since then, he has worked closely with John Peters, the Founder & CEO of Amberjack, sharing a mutual passion for sustainability and product innovation. Rodgers’ active investment and dedicated involvement have played a crucial role in the brand’s success.

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John Peters, Founder & CEO of Amberjack, commented, “From the outset, our partnership seemed like a perfect fit. As a small company, every decision we make has a significant impact. Our brand collaborators must be deeply invested in our growth and share our commitment to sustainability. It was essential to establish a collaborative relationship to propel Amberjack to the next level. I’m incredibly excited about our plans with Aaron this year.”

In line with the brand’s core values, Aaron Rodgers is deeply committed to supporting initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. Together with the Amberjack team, Rodgers has co-created a groundbreaking product line with a strong sustainability focus, set to launch later this fall. Amberjack’s mission to redefine the traditional dress shoe category while championing sustainability aligns perfectly with Rodgers’ values, making this partnership a unique choice compared to more traditional brand endorsements.

Rodgers expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “As I grow older, I seek out partnerships with brands that share a similar commitment to making a positive impact in the world. It’s not just about endorsing a product; it’s about supporting people who are dedicated to creating positive change.”

Amberjack’s Growth

Amberjack has experienced significant growth since its launch in 2021, resonating with consumers who value both comfort and style while prioritizing a sustainable supply chain. Each Amberjack shoe incorporates proprietary comfort technology, including heat-activated arch support, a dual-function outsole, and natural full-grain leather with sheepskin lining.

The brand’s supply chain exclusively involves sustainable, high-quality partners, including fair-wage factories and LWG-rated tanneries, while utilizing 100% carbon-neutral shipping. This commitment to quality, comfort, style, and sustainability has positioned Amberjack as one of the fastest-growing footwear brands in the past two decades.

Aaron Rodgers emphasized, “Amberjack stands by its values and commitments. Our aim is to set a standard for other companies and individuals, encouraging them to take small but meaningful steps towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. While we may not be saving the world overnight, we are making it cleaner and elevating the comfort of the dress shoe category.”

Aaron Rodgers makes most of his investments out of the RX3 Growth Fund.

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