ZIYNX Partners with Opendorse and Launches Female-Focused NIL Campaign

Beginning in February 2024, ZIYNX will execute 100 deals in 200 days with college athletes participating in women’s sports through their partnership with Opendorse.

With almost 150,000 athlete users, Opendorse will support ZIYNX in sourcing the athletes who will then apply to NIL opportunities on the ZIYNX app by creating 24-second or less videos.

Understanding ZIYNX

Imagine dedicating 15 years of your life to early mornings and late nights, enduring lengthy journeys to practice, embracing discipline as a teenager, honing techniques, dissecting film and analytics, learning from wins and losses, overcoming injuries, adapting to new coaches and teammates, balancing academics and athletics. And then, someone questions your worth, saying, “You lack experience or social followers?”


Student-athletes face a daunting transition from sports to careers, grappling with identity foreclosure – the fear of losing oneself outside the realm of athletics. Internships, often incongruent with student-athlete schedules, leave them appearing deficient in “work experience.” The lion’s share of NIL money is cornered by a select few among the 500,000+ college athletes annually.

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Athletic Empowerment:

Enter ZIYNX, a groundbreaking app exclusively designed for all student-athletes, offering a pathway to self-discovery beyond their athletic identity. Through the creation of a “character profile,” a series of text and video statements within a concise :24-second shot clock, student-athletes can perfect their elevator pitch, while learning more about their ambitions beyond sports.

Revolutionizing Opportunities:

Apply for internships, entry-level positions, and NIL deals through :24-second videos, irrespective of your division, sport, or social media following.

Brand Synergy:

For brands, ZIYNX unveils untapped talent overlooked by outdated resume-centric recruiting. Forge partnerships with student-athletes who genuinely use your products and services, enabling authentic connections with target audiences. Build brand love and trust by crafting impactful, purposeful content that educates and inspires.

Unleashing Potential:

Student-athletes possess an array of transferable skills and traits – coachability, accountability, a team-first mindset, time management, communication, leadership, and a growth mindset. They embody the ideal ambassadors and employees.

In a world fixated on superficial metrics, ZIYNX empowers student-athletes to redefine their narratives and seize opportunities beyond the field or court.

You can check out the ZIYNX app here to learn more.

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Industry Research & Analysis

Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.