Winible Raises $6M to Transform Sports Betting and Gaming Communities

Winible’s first-of-its-kind platform enables sports influencers and experts to monetize their insights and predictions with customizable digital storefronts, subscription models, and payment processing.

MIAMI, FL – March 19, 2024 – Winible, the first e-commerce platform exclusively focused on the sports betting market, announces $6M in seed funding. The round was led by Inspired Capital with notable participation from industry figures such as Adam Wexler (PrizePicks), Kyle Christensen (Pointsbet), NFL legend Ray Lewis, 8vc founder and general partner Jake Medwell, unicorn founders David Petersen (Flexport), Michael Flaxman (Thumbtack) and Adam Lyons (The Zebra), and others. 

Sports betting influencers operate in a stigmatized space, relegated to using platforms like Discord and Telegram to distribute their content and high friction low trust payment solutions like CashApp and Venmo to monetize. In contrast, Winible aims to provide a safe, secure, stable, and professional platform for its users with its first-of-a-kind e-commerce offering designed to revolutionize the sports betting industry and built specifically for creators within the sports betting space. Winible allows any sports betting influencer to build a highly customizable digital storefront to monetize their knowledge with payment processing, subscription management, real-time SMS notifications, customer support, self-service free trials, and custom discount codes. Since its stealth launch in late 2023, Winible has signed up thousands of users per week without spending a single dollar on sales or marketing. This truly organic growth can be attributed to network effects of a value delivery flywheel that not only streamlines operations and growth for sports betting influencers but also establishes Winible as a trusted hub where enthusiasts, experts, and creators converge to share insights, fostering a dynamic and engaged community dedicated to the future of sports betting and gaming.

Winible Raises $6M to Transform Sports Betting and Gaming Communities“We’re thrilled to announce the successful $6M seed funding round, a key milestone for Winible as we revolutionize the sports betting and gaming communities. Winible provides a secure and professional platform for sports influencers to monetize their insights with customizable digital storefronts and subscription models, setting us apart in a rapidly evolving industry,” said Noah Traisman, Co-Founder and CEO of Winible. “The significant organic growth since our stealth launch in 2023 highlights the demand for a reliable and innovative platform. With support from investors, industry leaders, and our dedicated team, Winible aims to be the go-to destination for ‘betrepreneurs,’ fostering responsible and innovative practices in the sports betting content community. By addressing a critical gap in the sports betting landscape, Winible’s commitment to reliability, expertise, and community engagement perfectly aligns with the industry’s evolving demands. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this transformative journey.”

Winible hosts a wide range of cappers, allowing subscribers to choose content that aligns with their betting interests and strategies. With storefront creation tools, Winible enables cappers to express their unique style and brand. The platform currently counts 100 of the top influencers in the space as its clients with over 75K active subscribers and over $30M in bets placed across all the major sports books and daily fantasy/pick’em/betting apps. 

“With a growing number of states legalizing sports betting, there is a new audience interested in betting insights and advice. Winible helps legitimize and professionalize the work of cappers by providing the infrastructure needed to create visibility, develop recurring revenue streams, and engage with an intelligent and passionate community like never before,” said Mark Batsiyan, Partner at Inspired Capital. “We’re excited to support Winible in their mission to provide a reliable platform for expert betting guidance.”

By nurturing a well-informed, responsible, and technologically empowered sports betting community, and by attracting top industry talent, Winible is strategically positioned as a market leader. The company aims to expand its influence while maintaining a focus on responsible and innovative practices in the sports betting content domain.

“The desire from consumers for platforms to build communities with their favorite creators is the next evolution in sports betting and gaming,” said Investor Kyle Christensen. “There’s a ton of untapped potential for influencers in the gaming space, and from my perspective, Winible has nailed the value for both the pros and followers. I couldn’t be more excited to join the team.”

Additional investors contributing to Winible’s $6M seed funding include Jesse Boskoff (Fanduel), Jamie Sharp (OnlyFans), Adam Breneman (CBS Sports), Dylan Beynon (Mindbloom), Ethan Keiser (Tik Tok), Anthony Ghosn (Hearth), Scott Savin (Magic City Casino, Major League Jai Lai), Mike Rabil (Rabil Ventures, Professional Lacrosse League), Jeremy Najjar (SMASH Capital), Howard Dolgon (Owner, Syracuse Crunch Hockey Club) as well as several of the world’s top handicappers (and early Winible adopters) Cody Dunlap aka @sportsbettingeducation, Spencer McManus aka @SpenceLocks, Nathan Antenucci aka @FantasyFootballRocket, Jason Seo aka @thelocktalk and Benjamin Saponar.

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