UFL Receives $40M Including an Investment from Cristiano Ronaldo

Renowned football icon Cristiano Ronaldo has entered the realm of gaming as an investor in UFL, a free-to-play football video game centered on fairness and skill-based competition. Ronaldo joins a group of investors injecting over $40 million into the game’s development, aiming to revolutionize the interaction between football fans and the gaming world.

This substantial investment represents a pivotal moment for UFL, aligning an ambitious project with one of the globe’s most prominent sports figures.

Cristiano Ronaldo, boasting Instagram’s most-followed account with 614 million followers, will actively contribute to shaping the game’s evolution as part of UFL’s mission to establish a new standard for immersive football gaming. With an illustrious career donning the colors of Juventus, Real Madrid, and Manchester United, and presently a star for Al-Nassr FC, Ronaldo’s involvement is poised to elevate UFL and engage football enthusiasts globally.

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Expressing his excitement about the collaboration, Cristiano Ronaldo stated, “I’m thrilled to be a part of this project as UFL can become the new breed in football gaming.”

Strikerz Inc., the entity behind UFL, envisions an opportunity to redefine football gaming by blending exceptional gameplay with an interactive fan experience, all while adhering to a fair philosophy that rewards passionate football gamers worldwide.

Eugene Nashilov, CEO of Strikerz Inc., emphasized the significance of Ronaldo’s partnership, stating, “Having Cristiano Ronaldo join us as a partner and investor is a significant step forward and an endorsement of our vision to create the leading game for football fans in the world.”

UFL is committed to innovation, technology, and entertainment, aiming to distinguish itself in the gaming industry by providing a rich gaming experience, continuous progress, and a fair approach. The game promotes tactical knowledge and gaming skill, allowing players to build their club from the ground up and ascend to championship status.

While the official release date is pending, a closed testing phase commenced in the autumn. UFL will be accessible for free, with regular feature updates and no mandatory payments or annual fees. The game is designed to prioritize a fair-to-play experience, focusing on skill rather than pay-to-win options. UFL will launch on the PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles and can be found on the PlayStation™ Store and the Microsoft Store.

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