Sports Management Platform TeamSnap is Experiencing Rapid Growth

2022 was another year of record-setting growth for TeamSnap, the sports management platform.

Peter Frintzilas is the CEO of TeamSnap – here’s what he had to say:

 “Our youth sports community hosted almost 25 million events on our leading portal, which was a +19% YoY growth compared to 2021, and shattered any previous company record. Last year we also launched TeamSnap for Clubs & Leagues. Many of our partners told us that this enhanced version further streamlines operations and makes life easier – while allowing them to concentrate on the game day. We also announced in Q4 our acquisition of LeagueSide. This is a significant victory for us, our community, and our partners and a strong affirmation of our core goals.”

TeamSnap’s transformation to become the No.1 technology platform in youth sports was marked by the acquisition of LeagueSide. The No. 1 platform for technology in amateur and youth sports.

TeamSnap – Banff Minor Hockey

TeamSnap offers on-field sponsorship options that can help families and youth athletes lower their costs to play sports. This furthers TeamSnap’s mission to make youth sport accessible to all.

These sponsorships had an impact on more than 2,000,000 youth athletes in 2022. They also drove direct sponsorship funding of over $4 million to youth sports organizations throughout the country.

TeamSnap’s post-acquisition reach and offering

  • Increases the number of sports organizations by nearly 40,000
  • Digital access to 25,000,000 logged in users and authenticated coaches and families.
  • Sponsorship access for 11 million families in the field

Brian Caulfield is the COO at TeamSnap. “Our survey showed that 98% of parents using TeamSnap, a community with more than 25,000,000 logged in participants, coaches, and 11,000,000 families on field, use our platform for decision-making.” “This is just one example of how technology can have an impact on our lives. It drives us to innovate every day and pushes us to do more.

TeamSnap 2022: More Key Growth Achievements

Market Expansion:

TeamSnap gathered 7.76 million unique users in 2022. This is a +5% YoY growth.

On average, the number of monthly active users (MAU), grew 23% in 2021 and the number of daily active users (35% in 2022) increased by 35%.

All users sent 120 million chats and 3.1 million hours worth of practice, games, and events to the platform.

Customer Adoption and Success:

TeamSnap created over 610,000 new teams, and more than 25,000,000 users took part in sporting events.

The adoption rate for TeamSnap Tournaments increased by more than 400%, and the number of people who use the updated website was 56%.

Launching TeamSnap Impact:

This Division within TeamSnap focuses 100% on improving the lives of children by creating a world in which youth sports programs can be accessible and fair for all. It addresses the main issues facing youth sports, including affordability, gender equality, and quality coaching.

To kick off the program in 2022, TeamSnap partnered with Philadelphia Youth Sports Basketball and Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative-providing them with direct funding, technology grants and discounted packages to help improve participation, communication and coordination of events.

Nearly 2,000 children were directly affected by TeamSnap Impact dollars in 2022. Lance Lee, Director at TeamSnap Community Impact projects that more than 5,000 children will be directly affected by TeamSnap Impact 2023.

Strategic Partnerships:

TeamSnap has greatly expanded its presence in youth soccer by launching new partnerships and alliances with the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association, the California Youth Soccer Association, and the National Indoor Soccer League.

TeamSnap also announced in 2022 a partnership with Special Olympics Colorado. This three-year partnership brings cutting-edge technology solutions in sports management to one of the most recognized brands and non-profits that uses sports to make a positive difference in the lives and careers of people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.

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