Taylor Fritz Named Investor in Eight Sleep

Today, Eight Sleep proudly announces its groundbreaking partnership with Taylor Fritz, the top-ranked American male tennis player, welcoming him as both an Athlete Ambassador and Investor. This collaboration signifies Eight Sleep’s strategic move into the tennis realm, recognizing the sport’s rigorous demands including continuous global travel, intense training schedules, and the prestigious four Grand Slam events annually. In a sport where the finest margins can dictate success, the emphasis on superior sleep quality becomes crucial for athletes like Fritz, who are determined to challenge the dominance of established tennis stars.

Fritz now becomes part of an elite group of over 300 professional athletes across various sports who have integrated Eight Sleep’s products into their recovery and performance routines. This distinguished list includes renowned names such as Aaron Judge from baseball, NFL’s Brock Purdy, NBA’s Jimmy Butler, Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton, and the EF Cycling Team, highlighting the broad appeal and effectiveness of Eight Sleep’s innovations in the world of elite sports.

Taylor Fritz Named Investor in Eight SleepRecognizing sleep as a fundamental element of peak performance and health, Fritz has been utilizing Eight Sleep’s Pod technology since early 2023 to maximize his sleep quality and recovery processes, which in turn has significantly boosted his performance on the tennis court. The Pod’s state-of-the-art sleep technology, which has been clinically validated to enhance sleep quality by up to 32% and improve vital recovery metrics like deep sleep and heart rate variability, has become indispensable to Fritz’s regimen.

Fritz enthusiastically shared his personal testament to the transformative impact of the Pod, noting remarkable improvements in physical recovery times, mental focus, and overall readiness for competition. This positive experience has solidified his commitment to leveraging Eight Sleep’s technology not just for personal gain but also as a crucial resource for emerging tennis talents aiming for professional success.

In his dual role as an ambassador and investor, Fritz is set to champion the use of the Pod among aspiring tennis players, ensuring access to this game-changing technology wherever his competitive journey takes him, including major tournaments and his anticipated participation with Team USA. Moreover, Fritz will collaborate with Eight Sleep on content creation to highlight the critical role of sleep fitness and promote healthy sleep practices among young athletes.

Echoing Fritz’s sentiments, Matteo Franceschetti, Co-Founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, expressed his understanding of tennis’s physical demands and the vital role of quality sleep in athletic health and performance. Franceschetti views the partnership with Fritz as a key milestone reflecting Eight Sleep’s dedication to redefining sleep as a pillar of athletic success and its commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances athlete performance and recovery.

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Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.