Stack Sports Introduces Stack Rewards

Stack Sports, a premier provider of sports management software for youth, has unveiled Stack Rewards, a rewards initiative designed to offer substantial financial relief to families involved in youth sports across the United States and North America. The program enables families to earn cashback from routine shopping and benefit from exclusive deals and offers, which can contribute towards sports expenses, potentially saving up to $100 million each year.

Amid the current economic strain characterized by rising costs of everyday items, the financial challenge of enrolling children in youth sports is significant. In response, Stack Sports created Stack Rewards to help lessen these financial pressures and provide economic relief to sports families.

Stack Sports Introduces Stack RewardsThis year, over 10 million families within the Stack Sports network will be eligible to participate in Stack Rewards. The program offers cashback on purchases made at major retailers like Walmart, Nike, Old Navy, and Target. Given that the average family spends around $9,000 annually on groceries, utilizing Stack Rewards could yield over $180 in cashback, which families can use towards sports gear, travel, or registration fees at local clubs. This is one among several benefits that the program extends to families based on their existing spending habits.

The cashback shopping platform for Stack Rewards will be enhanced by a collaboration with FlipGive, along with additional rewards that families can accrue by using various Stack Sports software products.

Amy Halpenny, CEO of FlipGive, highlighted the financial challenges of youth sports, exacerbated by severe inflation. She noted that “44% of parents struggle to finance their children’s sports activities.” She expressed pride in providing Stack Sports with an embedded rewards solution that empowers families to earn cashback effortlessly, thereby making sports more accessible.

The launch of Stack Rewards reaffirms Stack Sports’ dedication to promoting youth sports and building a supportive, inclusive sports community. By offering significant savings through Stack Rewards, Stack Sports seeks to eliminate financial obstacles and ensure that every child can enjoy the benefits of participating in sports.

Brandon Shangraw, SVP of Marketing and Innovation at Stack Sports, expressed excitement about the launch: “We are thrilled to introduce Stack Rewards to help reduce the cost of youth sports and support our mission to increase participation and enhance the sports experience. With the scale of our operations and our strategic partnerships, Stack Rewards is poised to offer over $100 million in annual savings to families, thereby enabling more children to engage in sports and achieve their athletic aspirations.”

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