SportLocker Acquired By, Inc. Inc., a prominent provider of online lottery services, has recently announced its acquisition of Sportlocker, which will be rebranded and launched as This new development is set to position as a leading platform for sports enthusiasts around the globe, introducing an innovative, community-driven digital space for sports entertainment. The merger of cutting-edge technology with a wide array of content promises to usher in a new era of interactive sports engagement.

This transaction, conducted through a stock exchange, marks a strategic maneuver by to broaden its influence in the digital entertainment and sports industry. It aims to offer an integrated experience, combining sports with social interaction to deliver a fully immersive fan experience.

SportLocker Acquired By, is set to revolutionize the way digital sports entertainment is consumed by launching a comprehensive platform that includes continuous sports news, live streaming, and new exciting content such as original documentaries and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. The platform’s goal is to provide sports fans with flexible viewing options across various devices, fostering groundbreaking levels of engagement. In 2024, intends to expand its offerings by investing in new technologies and features that enhance fan interaction with content that resonates with them, including building communities and facilitating social media interactions with renowned sports figures.

Initially focusing on the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, plans to globally promote an array of sports, from soccer and motor racing to team sports and individual competitions. Special emphasis will be placed on supporting women’s sports, aiming to innovate fan engagement and open new revenue avenues. Furthermore, is set to implement programs targeting club acquisitions and media partnerships, initially concentrating on soccer clubs in the UK and the US, demonstrating its commitment to reshaping the sports and media landscape, especially for the American market. is looking to extend its global footprint, targeting dynamic markets in Africa, India, South America, Asia, and Australia. The strategy includes delivering unmatched sports content and interactive experiences tailored to regional preferences. This expansion strategy highlights’s dedication to capturing high-value markets and prioritizing regions with significant customer lifetime value potential.

A pivotal aspect of acquiring SportLocker and its transition into is the emphasis on leveraging existing partnerships with Mobile Network Operators to offer targeted sports content directly to consumers’ mobile devices. This strategic move aims to enhance the overall value proposition for mobile operators and meet the growing demand for sports video content.

The acquisition of SportLocker is a key component of’s strategy to accelerate market presence and drive growth through premium content and strategic partnerships with mobile operators. This approach is expected to attract exclusive marketing partnerships and scale the brand sustainably.

Majed Al Sorour, now leading, expressed enthusiasm about merging technology with sports passion to offer unmatched fan experiences. With a vision focused on innovation and community building, Al Sorour aims to leverage his extensive experience to drive growth in the sports and technology sectors. Matthew McGahan, CEO of both and, emphasized the strategic significance of the acquisition, aiming to revolutionize fan engagement with sports through enhanced content, technology, and community-oriented features.

Tim Scoffham, a founding partner of SportLocker, highlighted the synergistic potential between the two entities, aiming to redefine sports entertainment. The acquisition is seen as a milestone towards creating a premier destination for sports fans, offering comprehensive event coverage, exclusive content, and insightful analysis. stands as a transformative technology company, redefining the traditional lottery experience with its innovative platforms. It allows users globally to purchase legal lottery games remotely, providing real-time results for a wide array of lottery games worldwide. Through initiatives like, is also reinventing charitable giving by introducing gamification elements.

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Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.