SponsorUnited Receives $35M Growth Investment from Spectrum Equity

SponsorUnited is the world’s leading sports and entertainment intelligence platform. It tracks 1.1 million sponsorships and media partnerships across 250,000 properties and brands. Spectrum Equity announced today a $35 million investment.

In 2018, SponsorUnited was launched. It is now used by over 2,900 brands and IP rights holders to identify, evaluate, and execute marketing partnerships.

Through a unique combination of machine intelligence and global scouting networks, the company monitors real-time sponsorship data across entertainment and sports. The sophisticated SaaS platform provides a comprehensive solution to all aspects of discovery, ideation, and activation.

“With the rapid expansion, diversification, and increasing complexity of marketing partnerships, the need for a centralized platform that organizes all of the world’s sponsorship and media partnerships is in high demand,” said Bob Lynch, Founder and CEO of SponsorUnited. “Moreover, as the industry is challenged with budget, talent, and resource constraints, we’re uniquely positioned to fill a critical need to drive better decisions and more successful partnerships.”

SponsorUnited was initially rooted in sports, working with all major leagues and all but five professional teams in the U.S., and has since expanded its tracking capabilities into entertainment and music sponsorship, which is a crucial vertical for marketers and brands.

The company’s technology and category-leading insights will continue to be utilized to drive innovation and meet the growing demand for more intelligence in marketing partnerships.

SponsorUnited will be welcoming Chris Mitchell as a Director to the Board and Emily Calkins, as an Observer, with the investment. SponsorUnited’s COO and CTO Alain Benzaken join them. Current investors of SponsorUnited include Marc Lasry (owner of Milwaukee Bucks) and Ron Fowler (vice-chairman, co-owner of San Diego Padres).

About SponsorUnited

SponsorUnited is the world’s leading platform for entertainment and sports intelligence. It delivers real-time trends as well as on-demand research that provides valuable insights. SponsorUnited allows brands, agencies, and properties to work more efficiently with over 10M assets, 1M deals, and 30K properties in sports, media, and music. SponsorUnited facilitates smarter partnerships by connecting the entire sponsorship industry through the most extensive data anywhere.

About Spectrum Equity

Spectrum Equity is a global growth equity firm that provides capital and strategic support for innovative companies in the information industry. The firm has been working with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams for over 28 years to create long-term value in internet-enabled, market-leading software and data service companies.

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Industry Research & Analysis

Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.