Sixers Innovation Lab Invests in $1.3M Pre-Seed of Oya Femtech Apparel

Oya Femtech Aparel, a black woman-owned femtech apparel company has raised $1.3M through an oversubscribed preseed round.

The Sixers Innovation Lab was the lead, with participation by REI Path Ahead Ventures, R/GA Ventures, Union Heritage Venture Partners, and Techstars Sports.

Multiple reports indicate that the US spent $43.3B in 2022 on women’s health issues. Uterine incontinence and bacterial vaginosis are common feminine health issues. According to the CDC, 75% of women will experience a yeast infection at some time in their lives.

Long-term training in garments that retain moisture and keep the body from drying out can make women more vulnerable to health issues.

“As a collegiate female athlete, I found myself struggling with recurrent vaginal health hurdles and in the dark about why. Then, many years later, I discovered the leggings I had been wearing were the culprit.” said Mitchella Gilbert, co-founder, and CEO of Oya Femtech Apparel. “I took it upon myself to solve the issue by creating a line of performance wear designed with women’s health in mind.”

“As investors and entrepreneurs, we know that less than 2% of venture capital funding is allocated to women, and of that, roughly 0.05% to Black women. When we find underrepresented, passionate founders with great ideas, it is a privilege to invest in them and work alongside them,” said investors Sophia and Nia.

“Successful businesses solve real problems. By creating science-backed solutions to female health problems caused by athletic apparel, Mitch will improve women’s lives on a daily basis. We believe in Oya’s mission and Mitch Gilbert’s future impact as an entrepreneur,” said Seth Berger of Sixers Innovation Lab.

Oya Mixes Science and Sports Tech

Oya performance wear features cutting-edge fabrics and sweat-wicking technology to ensure feminine comfort and health.

Oya leggings are twice as absorbent than top-brand ones. The innovative designs also offer natural ventilation that is significantly better than the alternatives.

Mitchella (Mitch) Gilbert founded Oya Femtech Apparel in the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator. The company produces high-end functional athletic wear that supports women’s health.

This founder is one of 200 black women who have raised more than $1M in Venture Capital.

Oya advocates for women’s health and creates a moral supply chain. Los Angeles is the main location where the line is designed and manufactured. Oya fabrics are made with BPA, PFA, and PFO.

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