RealTruck Athlete Investors Give Back to Veterans

RealTruck, the online retailer and manufacturer of premium aftermarket truck parts, has teamed with professional athletes Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Dak Prescott to give deserving veterans and first responders the truck they desire.

RealTruck AOR Tombras created three episodes about one of the star athletes and his hometown hero as part of “The Trucket List” activation. Kelce, Kittle, and Prescott, all RealTruck investors and members of its strategic advisory board, worked together with the brand to identify undiscovered heroes in their communities and help create these unique trucks.

RealTruck’s advisory group is comprised of professional athletes who are truck enthusiasts as well as stakeholders. These athletes provide valuable insight on how to position RealTruck’s products to enthusiasts consumers and expand the brand’s reach into mainstream sports markets and lifestyle markets.

Travis surprised Craig Cummings who is a Kansas City firefighter and mentor to at-risk youth. Travis gifted Craig with the ultimate tailgating vehicle. George, who grew up admiring ‘Uncle Pat,’ a high-school superintendent and veteran, gifted his hero a fully equipped fishing truck. Dak, a mental health advocate, met Derrick Ross who was in search of an adventure truck customized for him. They formed a special connection.

The first installment of “The Trucket List” is an extension to the “In The Real” campaign Tombras and RealTruck launched this year. The agency strives to make RealTruck a lifestyle brand for truck- and off-road enthusiasts. This campaign aims to inspire people and show what is possible when you convert your truck to achieve a bucket-list experience.

The campaign will be live on RealTruck’s, Kelce, Kittle, Prescott’s, and YouTube’s social channels. Paid and organic social will start Veterans Day. RealTruck has partnered with seven RealTruck influencers (sports journalist Ian Rapoport), Trevor Bayne, Joseph Robert, fantasy football expert, and others to promote the campaign.

One episode per week will be available on starting 11/17. Episodes two and three will air on 11/23 and 12/1 respectively. The award-winning Michael Zimbalist directed the three-part series. He has previously directed, produced, and directed four ESPN 30/30 documentaries including Arnold’s Blueprint and The Two Escobars.

“We are partnering with our athlete investors to increase brand storytelling to inspire people to achieve their dreams and check their bucket lists. This video series features three untold heroes who show how custom trucks can make a difference in people’s lives. Tony Ambroza is chief growth officer at RealTruck. “Our goal is to recognize people who give so much to their communities, and to ignite a world full of possibilities for truck owners all over the world,” he said.

Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Dak Prescott are athlete investors in RealTruck along with CJ McCollum, Jason Kelce, Dustin Brown, Byron Jones, and Beau Allen.

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