Primitiv Performance CBD Launch: Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims

Primitiv is a Michigan-based, black-owned cannabis and wellness business founded by former Detroit Lions teammates Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims that just launched Primitiv Performance. 

This new line of products is for athletes to use before, after, and during their workouts. Primitiv Performance is a product line that was developed by ex-professional athletes.

It contains a proprietary mix of electrolytes and vitamins as well as water-mixable nano cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN), which are designed to help in rehydration and recovery and support the immune system.

Sims and Johnson based on their NFL experience saw a need to provide a new kind of enhanced wellness for athletes in recovery.

After co-founding Primitiv with the mission of positively impacting the global cannabis industry by changing negative stereotypes surrounding the plant through education and product innovation, the two quickly began working on Primitiv Performance as a phytocannabinoid-infused line of products that incorporate nano-technology designed for faster results.

Primitiv Performance’s first products included an oral rehydration electrolyte mix in four delicious flavors and a cream that is specifically formulated to reduce inflammation and chronic pain due to sports injuries and daily wear and tear.

“I’ve long been an advocate of cannabis as a holistic way to help my body recover from the trauma it faced each day on the gridiron and knew there were many other ways to unleash the power of this plant into our daily lives,” said Johnson. “Primitiv Performance was designed to showcase these non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids by showcasing them in a way that is familiar to people already incorporating a rehydration drink mix or topical cream into their daily lives, all while further educating consumers about the power of this plant.”

“As someone who has turned to cannabis as a natural pain relief remedy for the better part of 20 years, I’ve seen first-hand how it can change lives for the better and that’s why I’m so passionate about educating people who are interested in different solutions to ease what ails them,” Sims added. “Our oral rehydration electrolyte drinks not only tastes great, but it’s packed with 25 milligrams of nano CBD meaning it goes to work faster in the body, and also includes vitamin A and vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system.”

Primitiv Performance was created in collaboration with CYP. This company is focused on creating the most reliable, bioavailable and predictable cannabis products through the integration of its High-Performance Nano Emulsion technology.

“Most consumables on the market, whether they are CBD or THC based, can take anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes until the active ingredients fully take effect, which makes it very hard to rely on them as an aid for athletes when they are expecting timely benefits,” said James Barr, co-founder of CYP. “The nanotechnology we use in Primitiv Performance allows consumers to feel the active ingredients shortly after use because the cannabinoids are so small that they mostly bypass the intestinal system and enter directly into the bloodstream, therefore creating a more targeted, predictable, and bioavailable product.”

Of late we’ve seen a rise of (mostly) retired athletes starting their own nutrition companies. Athletes and wine is common.

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