OnCore Innovations Formed by OnCore Golf To Support Tech Products

OnCore Golf Technology, a renowned disruptor in the golf industry, has unveiled the establishment of OnCore Innovations, Inc. (“Innovations”), a wholly-owned subsidiary dedicated to pioneering groundbreaking developments in golfing technology.

Innovations is committed to introducing innovative products that will redefine the golfing experience and offer new ways for golfers to enjoy the game, limited only by their imagination.

Leading the charge is the GENiUS Ball™, a groundbreaking smart golf ball. After five years of development, the GENiUS Ball™ has revolutionized performance data capture, providing comprehensive insights into golf ball flight and movement from tee to green. Whether used as a training aid, instructional tool, or to enhance traditional golf experiences, the GENiUS Ball™ unlocks new possibilities for golfers to learn about their game and create unique experiences both on and off the course.

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Innovations is also advancing the GolfBoost AI, an artificial intelligence-based swing analysis technology. This innovative tool optimizes golfers’ swing mechanics and performance using only a smartphone camera, instantly analyzing various aspects like tempo, position, rotation, balance, and more. With over one million golf swings analyzed, GolfBoost AI helps golfers address their challenges effectively.

Additionally, Innovations introduces the GreenBreaker smartphone app, designed to enhance putting skills. With nearly half of all golf strokes occurring on the putting green, GreenBreaker employs artificial intelligence to map green topography and utilizes augmented reality imagery to assist in finding the ideal putting line, all accessible on a smartphone.

To promote and reward golfers for their participation in the game and physical fitness, Innovations has partnered with Bearn Inc., a leader in promoting healthy lifestyles. This partnership will recognize and reward golfers for their physical activities related to golf, including training, practice, exercise, and on-course play, leading to improved overall health, fitness, and performance.

OnCore Innovations is also poised to establish various strategic partnerships that have been in development, offering golfers unprecedented opportunities for growth, enjoyment, and benefits.

The company is proud to announce the participation of influential backers, including NFL quarterback Josh Allen, LIV Tour standout Talor Gooch, and professional golfer Harold Varner III, underscoring the transformative potential of Innovations. More partnerships are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Keith Blakely, CEO of OnCore Golf, stated, “This is a significant milestone for OnCore and for golf. OnCore Innovations is not just a subsidiary; it’s a platform and a mechanism to accelerate new technologies, products, and experiences to the game and to the industry. OnCore’s dedication to innovation in golf is well-known. Our objective is to expand and accelerate this mission, and the possibilities have never been stronger.”

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