NeuroTrainer VR Raises $1.5M in Seed Funding

NeuroTrainer is revolutionizing cognitive performance optimization with a cutting-edge blend of proprietary priming modules, comprehensive cognitive skills training, and a scientifically-backed 5-layered cognitive assessment. This data-driven approach is delivering unprecedented performance gains for athletes, students, and soon, corporate professionals.

Noah Rolland, CEO at NeuroTrainer, stated, “This significant investment not only advances our core mission of enhancing cognitive performance in athletes nationwide but also opens doors to emerging markets like corporate wellness and digital health. With the support of respected industry leaders like 9.58 Ventures, we’re poised for accelerated growth.”

neurotrainer vr system

The rise of AR/VR will play a crucial role in sports tech in the future.

Fred Toney, General Partner at 9.58 Ventures, remarked, “Cognitive optimization is the next frontier in athletic training. NeuroTrainer has captured the attention of NCAA coaches, professional teams and athletes, and Department of Defense affiliates, poised to redefine these sectors comprehensively.” NeuroTrainer is among 9.58 Ventures’ inaugural investments, specializing in top performers in athletics and technology.

With immediate plans to expand into college and professional sports, NeuroTrainer leverages 9.58 Venture’s extensive network of professional athletes, coaches, and investors, including Deion Jones (NFL), David Vanterpool (NBA), Jalen Mills (NFL), and Francis Tiafoe (ATP), to introduce teams like the LA Galaxy to groundbreaking cognitive enhancement. Serving as the official cognitive training system for the LA Galaxy, NeuroTrainer is already making a significant impact. Michael Rabasca, Director of Cognitive Performance at LA Galaxy, lauded the platform: “One of my players recently remarked, ‘Thank God for NeuroTrainer—it’s something I never had at a prior club.’

This new venture funding ensures that many more athletes will share that sentiment. It is also to help boost fan engagement.

NeuroTrainer is a top finalist in LG NOVA’s Mission for the Future challenge program, recognized among 1,300 applicants for its innovation and potential to drive transformative change for the future. LG NOVA, the Silicon Valley-based innovation center for LG Electronics, runs the Mission for the Future program, a global initiative identifying leading companies with innovative concepts and transformative solutions that positively impact people and the planet.

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Industry Research & Analysis

Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.