MS Dhoni Joins Explosive Whey as Investor

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the iconic former captain of the Indian cricket team, has teamed up with Explosive Whey, a nascent brand specializing in whey protein and supplements originating from India.

Initiated by fellow cricketer Kedar Jadhav, and co-founders Mandar Bhandari and Rishikesh Hande, Dhoni has taken on dual roles as both an investor and the face of the brand.

Explosive Whey is poised to transform the sports nutrition sector with its premium, high-quality products aimed at athletes, fitness aficionados, and those prioritizing health. The brand boasts a diverse product portfolio including Athlete Series and Elite Series Whey Protein, alongside various other sports supplements tailored to enhance athletic performance and physical wellness.

MS Dhoni Joins Explosive Whey as InvestorMS Dhoni shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Joining the Explosive Whey team aligns perfectly with my commitment to maintaining peak physical condition. I was drawn to their commitment to excellence and their mission to empower athletes with top-tier nutritional support. It’s a partnership that very much reflects our shared goals of promoting optimal performance.”

Founder and CEO Mandar Bhandari reflected on the inception of Explosive Whey, “The scarcity of high-quality supplements for athletes in India was a significant gap that needed addressing. Drawing from my own experiences as an athlete, the lack of adequate nutrition can critically impact performance and recovery. Launching Explosive Whey was our answer to this challenge, aiming to revolutionize the market with superior supplements. Having Dhoni join us not only excites us but also reinforces our brand’s credibility and mission.”

Vikas Hasija, who manages partnerships for Dhoni, remarked on the synergy between the cricketer’s personal use of the product and his decision to invest, “It was a natural progression for MSD to formalize his relationship with Explosive Whey, a brand he personally trusts and advocates for. The brand’s commitment to quality, underscored by its Informed Sports Certification, ensures that athletes receive the best possible nutritional support.”

Shankar Basu, former strength and conditioning coach for the Indian National Cricket Team, endorsed the brand, “My experience with Explosive Whey has shown exceptional results in terms of muscle gain and reduced bloating. This product meets the highest standards and delivers on its promise, making it a trustworthy choice for anyone serious about fitness.”

Kedar Jadhav added, “Explosive Whey is more than a supplement—it’s a commitment to enhancing athlete performance and well-being. Mahi Bhai has been integral to our brand from the start, not just as a mentor and investor but as a genuine advocate and user of our products.”

Launched in late 2021 by Kedar Jadhav, Explosive Whey targets a niche in sports nutrition with its focus on crafting high-caliber whey protein products that cater to the demanding needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The brand ensures the integrity and safety of its products through rigorous Informed Sports certification and maintains a production line that leverages both globally sourced ingredients and local manufacturing.

In addition to his role with Explosive Whey, the 42-year-old Dhoni has recently been featured in advertising campaigns for various other brands, including Cleartrip, Eurogrip Tyres, and Gulf Oil.

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