Kyrie Irving Invests in the shoe marketplace KICKS CREW

KICKS CREW, the prominent global digital marketplace specializing in authentic sneakers and apparel, has revealed a strategic partnership with Kyrie Irving, the renowned international basketball athlete, artist, and actor. In this collaboration, Kyrie Irving will not only become an equity shareholder in KICKS CREW but will also assume the role of Chief Community Officer.

Fresh off securing a new brand partnership with ANTA and introducing his distinct logo, Kyrie Irving’s investment in KICKS CREW is fueled by the platform’s proven track record and its dedication to establishing a player-owned and empowered ecosystem. The core objective of this partnership is a shared commitment to democratizing the sneaker marketplace and fostering unity within communities through a shared passion for sneaker culture.

kicks crew kyrie irving

Kyrie Irving’s role as Chief Community Officer is set to embody a cause-oriented, community-focused strategy, promoting innovative brands and collaborations that merge the realms of art and basketball in unprecedented ways. His impact will extend globally, encompassing initiatives and projects aimed at positively influencing regions such as the Middle East and Africa, reflecting a broader vision of social and cultural engagement.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration, Kyrie Irving stated, “I’m excited to partner and invest in KICKS CREW’s vision to empower a new generation of independent consumers and thinkers. This is an empowerment play for my fellow entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes who have and want their independent visions and approaches celebrated. My role as Chief Community Officer at KICKS CREW is centered around the mission of bringing all communities together through their love of sneaker culture to push forward unity and philanthropy.”

From its inception, KICKS CREW has championed emerging brands, acting as a central hub for sneaker companies seeking to expand their global presence. Additionally, the platform has provided NBA players with a space to establish and cultivate their personal brands. KICKS CREW’s vision of a player-centric platform serves as a catalyst for enhancing accessibility to Kyrie Irving’s products for fans.

Ross Adrian Yip, co-founder of KICKS CREW, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Kyrie Irving into the KICKS CREW family and for us to be accepted into the A11Even Tribe. Kyrie’s influence on the community and deep passion for philanthropy brings immeasurable value to bringing our vision to life, and we are eager to use our platform to empower Kyrie and many more players willing to leverage their independent influence.”

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