Infinite Athlete Receives Investment from NFLPA

Infinite Athlete, a cutting-edge technology firm, has partnered with NFL Players Inc., the commercial arm of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), to create an innovative collaboration that promises substantial advancements in the fields of sports, performance, and player health and wellness.

This partnership, driven by state-of-the-art technology, sports expertise, video data, and insights, aims to have a lasting impact on professional football. Alongside their investment in Infinite Athlete, the collaboration will leverage Infinite Athlete’s proprietary FusionFeed™ technology and the NFLPA’s group player licensing rights.

The partnership will unlock new commercial opportunities, amplifying existing NFLPA partnerships and creating fresh business prospects for the NFLPA and its players. Simultaneously, Infinite Athlete’s technology will continue to support player health and wellness initiatives by enhancing injury mitigation and on-field safety engineering efforts.

More About Infinite Athlete

Infinite Athlete is the parent company for Tempus Ex Machina and Biocore, combining sports video and data technology with safety and performance analytics, led by world-leading biomechanical engineers and scientists.

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Larry Fitzgerald Jr., an Infinite Athlete board member, highlighted the potential of this collaboration: “By giving the NFLPA access to Infinite Athlete’s technology, it opens up new and previously unimagined opportunities for athlete performance and fan engagement. I believe it will also provide stronger brand alignment and more economic opportunities for the players.”

Charlie Ebersol, co-founder and CEO of Infinite Athlete, emphasized their track record: “In the past twelve months we have demonstrated, with our professional and collegiate sports partners, that our technology unlocks monetization opportunities for athletes and sports organizations, allowing them more ownership, visibility, and creativity with their data. We are excited to work with the NFLPA and the team at NFL Players Inc. to develop new products that drive value for its membership and business partners.”

Sophie Gage, Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at NFL Players Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited about our partnership with Infinite Athlete, which brings together the power of their FusionFeed™ technology and the significant value of our group player licensing rights. By harnessing the strength of group rights, we are empowering our players and the entire NFLPA community, paving the way for innovation and accessibility in the world of sports.”

Infinite Athlete’s proprietary AI-driven FusionFeed™ technology is available for integration with any sports property.

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