Ice Cube’s BIG3 League Finalizes $10 Million Franchise Sale

The BIG3 League, co-founded by Ice Cube, has achieved a significant milestone by securing a $10 million agreement for selling its first franchise team as it begins the shift towards assigning teams to specific home markets.

Since its inception in 2017, the 3-on-3 basketball league had not associated its teams with specific cities. However, starting in 2025, teams will be linked to cities, including Los Angeles, Ice Cube’s hometown. DCB Sports has acquired ownership of the Los Angeles team through this new deal.

Ice Cube's BIG3 League Finalizes $10 Million Franchise SaleIce Cube expressed his enthusiasm about this development in a press release, stating, “This marks a historic day for the BIG3. We are thrilled to welcome Gary [LaDrido, managing partner of DCB Sports] and his experienced group of sports investors just before our most crucial season. With top-notch basketball talent, millions of devoted fans globally, and being one of CBS’s top sports broadcasts during the summer, we are poised for significant growth.”

He further added, “Having teams based in specific cities will help BIG3 connect more deeply with local communities and fans. Starting in 2025, incorporating ownership groups with diverse expertise in sports management and business will significantly accelerate our league’s expansion. We are confident that DCB Sports will honor the Los Angeles community, and together, we will continue to innovate the sport.”

This announcement follows a previously unsuccessful attempt to sign Caitlin Clark to the BIG3, which Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, co-founder of BIG3, believe was sabotaged by her agents, allegedly due to their close ties with the NBA.

In March, Ice Cube proposed a $5 million deal to Clark, aiming to make her the first woman to join the league. However, she was subsequently drafted by the Indiana Fever in the 2024 WNBA draft, with a four-year contract amounting to roughly $338,000.

Kwatinetz, in an open letter published on Ice Cube’s website, criticized Clark’s agents, suggesting they prioritize NBA interests over their clients. He remarked, “It appears these agents serve more the NBA than their individual clients like Caitlin, given their client roster is predominantly NBA players.”

Despite the potential earnings with the BIG3, Clark remained focused on her basketball career, particularly her college team’s goals. “The Big3 offer came as news to me just as it did to everyone else. Right now, my concentration is solely on playing basketball and advancing with my team,” she commented.

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