Harry Kane Invests In Eco-Friendly Golf Clothing Brand

The eco-conscious golf apparel brand Reflo has secured England football captain and record goal-scorer Harry Kane as both an investor and a global spokesperson.

In its initial round of seed funding, Reflo successfully raised approximately £1 million, with the prominent footballer from Bayern Munich leading the investment.

Harry Kane Invests In Eco-Friendly Golf Clothing BrandSince its inception in November 2021, Reflo has been committed to merging environmental responsibility with athletic performance and fashion. The brand not only caters to the golfing community but also serves fitness enthusiasts, runners, and participants of other sports such as tennis and padel, recently launching its Spring-Summer 2024 lineup.

Reflo prides itself on its eco-friendly approach, utilizing recycled polyester made from discarded single-use plastics. This innovative material choice significantly reduces energy consumption by 50% and carbon emissions by 70% compared to traditional polyester, eliminating the need for new petroleum.

Harry Kane’s investment in Reflo aligns with his personal commitment to sustainability, further fueled by the shared goal of making Reflo the leading eco-friendly sports apparel brand globally. The investment round attracted diverse backers, including athletes, eco-tech companies, and creative agencies, aiming to bolster Reflo’s operational capabilities, especially in sourcing materials, staffing, and selecting production facilities. Additionally, the funds will aid Reflo’s ongoing efforts in forest restoration, in collaboration with Ecologi and the Eden Reforestation Project.

Kane, an avid golfer, first donned Reflo attire during The Icons Series in July 2022. Having worn the brand privately for over a year, he will now officially represent Reflo in Pro-Am and exhibition golf events as the brand’s ambassador.

Reflo’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in its planting of over 42,000 trees and recycling of more than 500,000 plastic bottles. The brand has pledged to plant 500 trees for every goal Kane scores in the 2023/24 season, underscoring its dedication to sustainability.

The Spring-Summer collection from Reflo emphasizes adaptability, performance, and style, featuring garments that are light, airy, and versatile across various sports. This approach challenges the notion that different sports require separate attire.

In its latest collection, Reflo introduces Reloop, the golf industry’s pioneering circular apparel model, designed for recycling post-use. The brand also incorporates used coffee grounds into its fabric technology, enhancing the performance attributes of its garments.

Reflo is expanding its presence in the sports world, partnering as the official apparel sponsor for various events across motorsports, golf, and now football, reinforcing its mission to blend sports performance with environmental consciousness.

Rory Macfadyen, co-founder of Reflo, shared the excitement of welcoming Kane into the Reflo family, emphasizing the shared vision for sustainable sports apparel. Kane expressed his enthusiasm for joining a brand that aligns with his values on sustainability, highlighting the brand’s ambitious goals for integrating eco-friendliness with sports excellence.

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