Galway Holdings Unveils GalwayPlus™ Sports + Entertainment Platform

Galway Holdings (“Galway”), a diverse financial services distribution platform, has introduced a new brand: GalwayPlus™ Sports + Entertainment. This innovative platform is designed specifically for the sports and entertainment sectors, marking a pioneering effort within wealth and risk management tailored to the unique needs of individuals, teams, leagues, and organizations in these industries.

GalwayPlus aims to create a central hub for the various Galway enterprises serving clients in the specialized fields of sports, entertainment, and media. This platform offers a unique combination of wealth and risk solutions, drawing on the extensive expertise of Galway’s advisors and businesses in holistic investment management and risk advisory. Galway’s network includes over a dozen businesses across retail brokerage, wholesale distribution, and wealth management, such as EPIC Entertainment & Sports and MAI Sports & Entertainment. These entities collectively bring over a century of experience to their clients. By enhancing this platform, Galway enables its professionals to collaborate and address the distinct challenges faced by sports and entertainment organizations.

Galway Holdings Unveils GalwayPlus™ Sports + Entertainment Platform“GalwayPlus was created to deliver creative and customized solutions to the sports, entertainment, and media industries by leveraging the collective strength of our many businesses,” said Will Wilson, Galway’s Chief Corporate Development Officer – Global Sports & Sustainability. “I joined Galway because I recognized the immense potential of our financial services family to tackle complex challenges for our clients. My experience in the sports and entertainment sectors has given me a deep understanding of the unique challenges industry participants face. Galway’s portfolio companies will be essential partners for our clients as they navigate the evolving sports and entertainment landscape.”

Wilson, who joined Galway in 2022, has over 30 years of diverse experience in the sports industry, including executive roles with the NFL, MLS, Wasserman, and U.S. Soccer. He leads the GalwayPlus initiative alongside Jay Williams, ESPN talent and co-founder & chairman of Improbable Media. Williams’ experience from NBA player to broadcasting professional and entrepreneur underscores the type of career progression GalwayPlus aims to support.

“Life in the spotlight can be fleeting, and my personal story is a testament to that,” Williams said. “Without a community of experts, mentors, and peers looking out for my best interests, I wouldn’t be the entrepreneur I am today. The experience we will deliver via GalwayPlus is designed to exceed the guidance and support that I was fortunate enough to receive.”

In addition to tailored risk management services, GalwayPlus addresses the wealth-centric needs and risks of sports and entertainment professionals. By integrating wealth management with sports and entertainment, GalwayPlus ensures that high-net-worth individuals can manage and grow their wealth through innovative, lifestyle-specific solutions.

“The sports, entertainment, and media industries are merging with opportunities for those in the spotlight to leverage their personal brands, complementing their performances on the court, field, stage, and beyond,” added Joe McLean, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer and Co-President Sports & Entertainment at MAI Capital Management. “Our goal is to empower our clients with business acumen as they pursue their dreams and goals.”

The first brand activation for GalwayPlus will occur at Galway Live! and ARENA, a three-day event in early June. Galway Live! features a charity auction dinner and golf tournament benefiting foundations that improve health and social outcomes for future generations. ARENA, presented by GalwayPlus Sports + Entertainment, is an exclusive business conference with prominent speakers and thought leaders, offering guests unique networking opportunities and insights into the intersection of sports and entertainment. This event reinforces Galway’s commitment and extensive connections in the sports and entertainment sectors.

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