Chiney Ogwumike and Alysha Clark Bring a Distinct Perspective and Passion for Sports and Culture to PlayersTV

PlayersTV, a pioneering network owned by athletes and focused on lifestyle and culture, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Michele Ghee, CEO of Expectant Media, as its inaugural Chairwoman of the Board. With a rich background spanning over 30 years in the media and entertainment sectors, Ghee’s profound knowledge and experience are expected to spearhead innovation and expansion at PlayersTV. The network is also delighted to welcome WNBA icons Alysha Clark and Chiney Ogwumike as investor owners, further emphasizing its commitment to diversity and excellence.

Ghee expressed her enthusiasm for leading the innovative team at PlayersTV, aiming to leverage the power of sports and the compelling stories that go beyond the game to accelerate the network’s growth. “It’s a privilege to work with such a passionate team and to drive growth and strategic partnerships that provide value to our supporting brands,” Ghee remarked. Her leadership role as Chairwoman involves guiding PlayersTV’s strategic trajectory and connecting with athlete fans worldwide, heralding a new phase of progress under her guidance.

Chiney Ogwumike and Alysha Clark bring a distinct perspective and passion for sports, lifestyle and culture to PlayersTV.Ghee, who is also the CEO and Co-founder of Expectant Media, is dedicated to amplifying black voices in media, underscoring her commitment to diversity and inclusion. Her impactful career includes generating over $1 billion in revenue across several media giants, including roles at EBONY, Jet, EBONY Studios, and BET Networks, where she launched BETHer, the first network for Black women.

Chiney Ogwumike and Alysha Clark join the network bringing their unique insights and passions to the mix. Ogwumike, a Los Angeles Sparks star and full-time sports broadcaster, values the opportunity to shape her story and impact through PlayersTV. Recently appointed to President Biden’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement, Ogwumike is poised to use the platform to tell meaningful stories that inspire change.

Alysha Clark, known for her WNBA achievements and culinary passion, shares her excitement about bringing her unique show, Off-Seasoning with Alysha Clark, to PlayersTV. As a three-time WNBA champion and a culinary enthusiast, Clark aims to challenge stereotypes about athletes and share inspiring, authentic stories through her cooking show.

PlayersTV celebrates these new partnerships, viewing them as critical to its mission to evolve sports lifestyle and culture content. Collin Castellaw, Co-Founder of PlayersTV, praised Ghee’s industry expertise and the fresh perspectives brought by Clark and Ogwumike. “Their expertise, passion, and vision are instrumental in our mission to transform the sports media landscape,” said Deron Guidrey, Co-Founder of PlayersTV.

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