Athletic Recovery Zone Acquired by Dragon Seats

Dragon Seats, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of heated and cooling sports benches, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Athletic Recovery Zone (ARZ). They are a manufacturer and supplier of high-tech air conditioning and heating technology for sports benches.

This acquisition greatly enhances Dragon Seats’ capability to offer best-in-class sideline services and solutions to the NFL through its Member Clubs, NCAA Football sidelines, and numerous marketing partners.

ARZ and Dragon Seats have a combined 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and innovating best-in-class heated and cooling temperature-controlled sports benches to meet the needs of athletes and sidelines at the highest levels. T

his acquisition brings together two of the largest companies in the space, which are trusted by many of the top collegiate athletic programs as well as the vast majority of 32 NFL Member Clubs.

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of ARZ Brian Cothren will join Dragon Seats along with the entire ARZ staff as Executive Vice President.

“I cannot say enough about Brian Cothren and the ARZ team for their work in developing an exceptional air-conditioned sports bench and the trusted sideline and game day service they provide to their customers,” says Frank Floyd, Founder and CEO of Dragon Seats. “Brian’s passion and commitment to innovation make ARZ the perfect partner for Dragon Seats moving forward as we continue our mission to deliver unmatched player safety and comfort to sidelines and athletes everywhere.”

“We are thrilled to join Dragon Seats and see it as a natural fit when you look at how the two businesses complement each other to meet the needs of our market,” says Cothren. “The Dragon Seats team has excelled not only in building out its climate-controlled bench technology and roster of clients, but also more recently by tapping into the ever-evolving sports marketing space. This group identified the value in the tv-visible space our benches create for sponsorship in college football, and it feels like they have just scratched the surface on that front with the likes of Learfield, Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt, and other brands. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.”

Dragon Seats and ARZ were a prominent presence during the College Football Playoff and Bowl Game Schedule. They will continue to support most NFL Member Clubs throughout the NFL playoffs.

ARZ supports the NFL Member Clubs Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and SEC powerhouses Alabama and Georgia as well as PGA Tour events. Dragon Seats will continue to work with ARZ to bring together their best-in-class technologies under one sleek bench design.

Dragon Seats provides customized branding solutions for corporate partners and teams, in addition to supporting athletes.

To help quantify the tv visibility Dragon Seats provides to third-party brands, IEG, and leading sports marketing and multimedia rights firms like Learfield, the Company has collaborated with IEG, leading sponsorship analytics companies, and leading sports marketing companies like Learfield, to market the unique platform to Stanley Black & Decker’s DeWalt brand.

Dragon Seats will continue to grow with technology integration and third-party sponsorship branding as it expands into new conferences.

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