Jabali Raises $5M for Revolutionary AI Game Engine Development

Jabali, a pioneering artificial intelligence firm with operations in San Francisco, CA, and Raleigh, NC, has announced the completion of a $5 million Seed funding round. This financial milestone will support the advancement of its cutting-edge AI-driven game engine. The funding initiative was led by BITKRAFT Ventures and featured contributions from Sapphire Sport, Sony Innovation Fund, Canonical Ventures, and distinguished professionals from major tech corporations including Amazon, Google AI, Open AI, and Pinterest.

This financial infusion is set to bolster Jabali’s efforts to grow its team, enhance its unique AI models, and accelerate the product’s market introduction. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Vatsal Bhardwaj, Jabali is poised to transform the gaming sector with its generative AI game engine. This groundbreaking technology enables the creation of varied gaming and interactive experiences with minimal programming or development skills required.

Jabali’s core mission is to make game creation more accessible and inject innovation into the video gaming arena. The company is developing an AI framework to support creators, ranging from gamers and game designers to developers.

The foundation of Jabali is a seasoned team with backgrounds from Amazon, Meta, Zynga, Microsoft, and leading AI research institutions, collectively offering over 50 years of experience in gaming. This expertise is pivotal in their goal to make game development attainable for all, having already impacted numerous game developers and millions of players globally.

Jabali Raises $5M for Revolutionary AI Game Engine DevelopmentVatsal Bhardwaj, discussing the vision behind Jabali, stated, “AI is the cornerstone of future gaming innovations. We are dedicated to building an engine that utilizes generative AI to expand the horizons of game development, making it accessible for emerging designers and developers.”

Scott Rupp, a Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures, commented on Jabali’s potential, noting the outdated nature of existing game engines and the significant opportunity Jabali has to make game creation more inclusive and innovative in the booming $200 billion gaming industry.

Joseph Tou, Managing Director at Sony Ventures, also recognized Jabali’s innovative approach, stating, “Jabali’s use of AI in game development establishes it as a frontrunner in defining the future landscape of gaming.”

As Jabali strides forward in its mission to redefine the gaming industry, it invites those with a passion for innovation to explore career opportunities within the company. Jabali’s commitment to making game creation accessible and fostering innovation marks its significance as a leader in the dynamic field of gaming technology. With its AI-native engine, Jabali is set to empower a new generation of creators, designers, and developers, heralding a novel phase of creativity and ease in game design.

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