Rise of Political Agendas in Sports (Fueled By The Media)

There’s a dynamic that is really starting to irritate me (and a lot of other people).

And it’s why sports have become so political in the last few years…

It revolves around athletes and their influence.

Let’s Dive In 👇

Sports Media Baiting Athletes

Athletes used to go broke and be viewed as “dumb jocks” throughout society.

But oh how that narrative has changed…

Now they’re smart, intelligent, rich, and influential. So of course all the major news networks want to interview them.

Listen to this question they ask Victoria Azarenka at the Australian Open.

The “sports reporter” repeated the question, despite Azarenka clearly giving a detailed reason for not getting into the “politics” of it.

Like why are they even asking non-sports-related questions to these athletes?

The hypocrisy is actually quite funny…

“Are you frustrated that [proscribed entity] is using your game for a platform?” – asks the reporter, using her game (reporting) as a platform.

I see why Marshawn Lynch went through this saga:

marshawn lynch im just here so i wont get fined

But here’s the paradox…

With athletes having so much influence and power, the media is now trying to suck them into their political agendas.

If you’ve ever wondered why sports have gotten more political over the last few years…this is why.

People actually listen, respect, and want to hear what athletes have to say (and this can greatly influence people). It’s the same reason every company wants athletes to endorse their products.

But the problem…

Is the reporters asking these non-sport questions to push their narratives forward.

And I’m glad Azarenka answered it the way she did (and hope more athletes follow suit).

Sports aren’t supposed to be about anything other than sports — a fun game, that unites people, and is a release from “normal” life.

Politics of NIL

It’s nearly impossible to keep politics, money, and sports away from each other in the collegiate world (after the legalization of NIL).

1 day after Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts reached the Super Bowl — he flew to upstate New York to attend a Syracuse basketball game.

jalen hurts syracuse basketball


He was the guest of billionaire Adam Weitsman, who just happens to be the largest donor for Syracuse athletics.

And this dude…

Is putting a wild spin on NIL deals!

Not only is he paying recruits up to $1 million — it seems that he’s paying current pro athletes to watch games with him (so the recruits will commit to Syracuse).

And this isn’t the first time…

Over the last few years, Weitsman has brought other celebrities to games:

  • Fabolous
  • Tom Brady
  • Jimmy Fallon
  • Julian Edelman
  • A Boogie wit da Hoodie
Adam Weitsman syracuse basketball with Tom Brady, Jimmy Fallon, Julian Edelman

My thesis….

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Weitsman is smart for doing this — but what the hell is the NCAA doing!?

Athletes are even influential in influencing… other athletes.

Going Forward

It’s a fact that athletes have real social power.

Everyone is trying to capitalize on it:

  • media
  • politicians
  • companies
  • billionaires
  • etc

Ultimately, let’s hope it’s used for the right reasons (and athletes don’t just become the next class of elites).

Sports are the great unifier — a platform where everyone is equal.

We like to see athletes use this platform to give back to the community and get involved in cool companies. Not to get their words skewed by media companies trying to push political agendas.

sports reporters in locker room

There’s a reason athletes have so many mental health issues these days — look at how much pressure and responsibility is thrust upon them.

Look at how the media tries to leave them out to dry (and divide their fans).

Come on folks, we can be better.

Interesting times we’re living in…

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