NIL: 9 Easy Ways To Make Money (and lots of it)

I could have made $1000’s of dollars as a college athlete…

But NIL wasn’t around (at least legally).

Here’s what I would do to make money if I was a high school or college athlete.

9 Ways To Make Money With NIL

1) Social Media

Develop a plan to grow your accounts IMMEDIATELY, especially Tik Tok & IG.

You’ll be able to make money from: • sponsored posts • affiliate deals • promoting brands

Without a strong social media presence all these other methods will be diminished.

One of the best at this is Jon Seaton.

He’s a former walkman lineman at FCS Elon University who is making thousands per month.


– consistent posting – engaged audience – relatable – niche content

jon seaton NIL tik tok

2) Media Content

Get in front of the camera (or mic) and build up an engaged audience.

Top ideas: – podcast – youtube channel – radio show – newsletter

Five Auburn football players got paid $25,000 this year for coming on the JBoy Show.

3) Website

Set up a website under your name.

This will be your homebase for: – social media – products – links – contact info

You can set up a website on BlueHost for $7.99/year and get a free domain name.

4) E-Commerce

Set up a Shopify story and/or reach out to companies that can handle everything from design to distribution.

I would sell merchandise along with guides for parents/fans to buy such as: – How to get recruited – How to put on muscle – How to jump higher

athlete selling NIL merchandise

5) Subscriptions

Set up through your website or use something like Twitter SuperFollows.

Charge $4.99 a month for insider content.

$5 x 1000 subs = $5,000/month

Give away free stuff to join and turn fans in to loyal supporters.

6) Run Camps

Parents & Youth Athletes would eat this up.

100 kids x $100 for camp = $10k Concession stand = $2k Merch = $1k Recruiting guides = $1k

– expenses of $5k – rent, workers, jerseys

= $9000 profit for a 1 or 2 day camp

Have videographers film event for content.

7) Autographs

People love autographs for some reason.

Here’s how to utilize them: • exclusive signing events • give away for free to new $4.99 subs • sell on website • give away at your camp

8. Brand Outreach

Rayquan Smith has signed over 50+ NIL deals because he’s proactive.

Don’t be afraid to send DM’s to brands you would be interested in promoting. 

rayquan smith NIL deals

9. Marketplaces

You can also find companies looking to pay athletes on NIL marketplaces such as: – Opendorse – Iconsource – MarketpryceOpenSponsorship

Recap of Ways To Make NIL Money

1. Social Media 2. Media Content 3. Website 4. E-commerce 5. Subscriptions 6. Camps 7. Autographs 8. Brand Outreach 9. Marketplaces

With some discipline and consistency you can turn your NIL in to big dollars.

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Industry Research & Analysis

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