Apple Vision Pro and Its Impact Across Sports

When the Apple AirPods first came out, I remember thinking to myself…

Those look strange, no one is going to wear them”.

I now use my AirPods every day (and they generate more revenue than most famous technology companies) 🤯

airpods revenue in 2022 vs top tech companies
In 2022, AirPods reportedly brought in $14.5 billion in revenue.

So when I see the Apple Vision Pro, my new thought is “just give it a few years”.

This technology could have major implications across the sports landscape.

Let’s Dive In 👇

Apple Vision Pro

Our range of readers varies here, so I want to ensure I don’t gloss over what the Apple Vision Pro (APV) is before going any further.

Price: $3,500

Category: Apple calls it a spatial computer, others call it mixed reality, VR, AR, holographic computing, the metaverse, or XR.

man using apple vision pro for work

Tech: blends digital content and apps into your physical space, and lets you navigate using your eyes, hands, and voice.

Examples: watch the news while scrolling through your emails, pull up a recipe app and have virtual cooking timers above your pots as you follow the instructions.

Reviews: mixed opinions but reviews tend to revolve around their thoughts on the future and pricing, not as much on the product.

I think where it can be super effective is in sports.

Sports and Apple Vision Pro

Disney CEO Bog Iger said “Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary platform that will bring fans closer to the characters and stories they love…

I agree.

Sports fans have already shown love for a deeper viewing experience and the ability to watch multiple games at once (e.g. NFL RedZone & NBA League Pass).

Look at the MLB’s new app for Apple Vision Pro users:

  • fully immersive
  • play-by-play control
  • interactive statistics
  • enhanced data visualizations
  • three-dimensional viewing environment
mlb apple vision pro app

And they’re not the only ones taking advantage of this new technology:

  1. Compatible Apps: NBA App, Red Bull TV, MLS Season Pass, and others.
  2. Cable Services: Charter Spectrum, Comcast Xfinity, Cox Contour, Sling TV, and Verizon Fios.
  3. Sports Broadcasters: ESPN, CBS, Paramount+, NBC, Peacock, Fox Sports, and the UFC.
  4. Arcade Games: Over 100 are available from launch, and I think sports video games could be a huge hit.

PGA TOUR Vision is another one I could see garnering good traction.

pga tour vision
  • real-time shot tracking
  • 3D models of real golf courses
  • leaderboards, scorecards, schedules
  • course information, and other tournament details

APV isn’t just about a new viewing experience — but more opportunities for others in the space.

VR & Sports

New product = New innovations.

Just as the emergence of the smartphone created the need for deeper applications, the Apple Vision Pro is doing the same thing:

  • PGA TOUR Vision is developed by Quintar, with UX and design led by digital product company Work & Co.
  • Rezzil announced the launch of their tactical scouting application that can be utilized on APV.

And the tailwind of this technology extends to ancillary solutions.

StatusPRO gaming

StatusPro, a sports/gaming VR company, secured a $20M Series A round that included an investment from Google Ventures and several pro athletes.

Where do I see the most opportunity for this technology in sports?

  1. Gaming
  2. Enhanced coaching
  3. More immersive viewing experiences
  4. Training, especially for injured players

Nothing tops being at an actual game or real-life training, but this new technology could potentially enhance “the sidelines” even more.

Macro View/Looking Ahead

In terms of mainstream adoption, I think this technology is still too clunky and expensive.

Yet, maybe The Simpsons are right again with their future predictions.

simpsons predicted ai googles

And while Apple’s product seems to be the most useful on the market (especially considering most Americans are owned by iOS)…

This isn’t new technology:

  • Google Glass
  • MetaQuest from Facebook

I believe sports fans and gamers could be provided with some amazing experiences…

But overall, the world isn’t ready — if anything it feels as if younger generations would go back to flip phones before VR googles.

Time will tell.

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Industry Research & Analysis

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