2 New Sports Technologies in 2022

The future is here whether you like it or not.

Technology is improving exponentially and will not be slowing down anytime soon.

One of the nice things about new tech is that the sports world usually gets to test it out before the general population.

In this article, I wanted to showcase some new sports tech coming out in 2022 that is pretty neat (and possibly frightening).

AR Contact Lens

Instead of looking down at your watch while running, imagine seeing all of the relevant metrics right in front of you.

That’s what AR specialist Mojo Vision is creating. They have partnered with Adidas, Amazon, and other sports wearable companies to help create real-time eye-based devices and applications.

They’ve raised over $205 million in funding since their inception in 2015.

AR sports glasses

Research says that 74% of athletes now rely on technology to analyse their workouts or training.

Much of this is done through devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, which Mojo believes interfere with their performance and do not offer enough real-time data.

Mojo Lens technology overlays images, symbols and text across a person’s natural field of vision, without interrupting the activity.

From my research, this type of tech is still in its infancy and will continue to improve year over year.

I envision Mojo Vision building out a rewind capability as well, where athletes can go back with a first-hand perspective and judge their decision making.

Think how helpful that would be for quarterbacks or goalies.

This tech is straight out of a Black Mirror episode. Both scary and cool.

Web-Connected Football Helmet

Riddell has developed the “Axiom football helmet” which includes a built-in monitoring system to track head impacts sustained by players.

Axiom is a personal-fit helmet, meaning it is designed and manufactured player by player rather than position by position.

riddell axiom futuristic helmet

The Verifyt app scans the thicknesses, shape, and contours of an athlete’s head so Riddell can add interior liner pads to their helmet based on their head images.

The helmet is connected to Riddell’s InSite Analytics subscription software that allows teams to view head impact data on individual players and do a position group analysis.

A youth version of the helmet is expected to release after the 2022 football season with a price tag of $750.

Personally, I think the helmet looks stupid. But the enhanced safety and connect-ability is game-changing.

Future of Sports

What if you combined the AR contact lens with the new football helmet?

You might get something like this ⬇️

football in the future

Wild, but not far off.

AI and AR are going to continue to have a profound impact on the sports world over the next decade.

Every new piece of data will be collected, stored, and used in all facets of the game.

  • injury prevention

  • contract negotiation

  • simulation practice

  • performance

  • recovery

  • and more

I’m excited to see the integration of futuristic technology in the sports world.

While I won’t be needing the helmet, I would seriously consider purchasing the contact lens when they become available.

It’s a pain in the butt trying to look down at my watch and run at the same time.

Sports meets advanced technology. Buckle In!

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Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.

Industry Research & Analysis

Trends, news, & companies shaping the future of sports delivered to your inbox every Thursday.