Shaq’s 9 Best Investments Have Him Approaching $1B

Shaq once lost $1 million in a day.

Now he’s approaching billionaire status.

Here’s how he lost his first $1 million: – 3 Mercedes Benz – Lots of Jewelry – A Trip to Vegas

He said it was a WAKEUP call.

Shaq’s 9 Best Investments

Shaq decided to build an empire.

shaq the business man
“I heard Jeff Bezos say that he makes his investments based on if it’s going to change people’s lives…

Once I started doing that strategy, I probably quadrupled what I’m worth.”

9. Ring

In 2016, Shaq tracked down Ring’s founder and invested at a $200 million valuation.

Amazon bought Ring in 2018 for $1 billion.

8. Restaurants

During his NBA career, Shaq bought 155 Five Guys locations (worth over $100M).

It was more than 10% of the company’s entire franchise portfolio.

In 2016, he sold all 155 to start his own restaurant, Shaquille’s.

7. Beverages

Shaq was an early investor in both Muscle Milk and Vitamin Water.

• Coca-Cola acquired Vitamin Water for $4.2 billion in 2007

• Hormel acquired Muscle Milk for $450 million in 2014

Shaq easily quadrupled his money.

6. Sports Betting Companies

Shaq has two major sports betting partnerships:

• PointsBet

• WynnBET

Shaq received shares as part of his endorsement compensation from PointsBet.

His investment has taken off with the rise of legal sports betting.

shaq equity + endorsement in sports betting

5. Sacramento Kings

In 2013, Shaq bought 2-4% of the Kings when the team was valued at around $530 million.

Shaq recently sold his stake with the Kings worth $1.8 billion.

4. Authentic Brands Group

Shaq sold the rights to his brand for a stake in the company.

ABG owns the rights to: • Shaq • Reebok • JCPenney • Sports Illustrated

He is now the second-largest shareholder in ABG which is set to IPO in 2023.

3. Papa John’s

Shaq invested over $8M in nine Atlanta locations.

A few years later Papa John’s: – added him to the Board of Directors – gave him a $4.1 million endorsement deal

2. Google

Shaq invested in Google’s Series A at a $100 million valuation (now worth $1.89T)

What’s wild?

Shaq still owns some of those shares.

Keep in mind, that $10,000 invested in Google’s IPO is now worth more than $300,000.

1. Cash Flow Businesses

One of Shaq’s strategies is to own cash-flowing assets to reinvest in larger bets.

Here are all 200+ businesses:

• 1 Big Chicken

• 1 movie theatre

• 1 Krispy Kreme

• 150 car washes

• 40 24-hour fitness centers

• 17 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels

shaquille oneal endorsements

Shaquille O’Neal’s Endorsements

Shaq made over $200m from endorsements while in the NBA.

He still does $30m a year:

• Forto

• Pepsi

• Icy Hot

• Comcast

• Taco Bell

• Kraft Foods

• Burger King

• The General

• Radio Shack

• Vitamin Water

• Carnival Cruise

• Arizona Beverages

Shaq’s Philanthropy

Some charitable acts:

  • Donated $10m in school supplies
  • Provided 400m affordable shoes
  • $10m to black-owned businesses
  • Donated $1m of NFT sales
  • Gifted 500 kids with Christmas toys

Shaq is very generous and has done countless other acts.

Shaq Story

At LSU, his marketing professor told the class to present something that they could see being sold in the near future.

Shaq came up with Shaq shoes, Shaq socks, Shaq shirt, Shaq everything… And the professor gave him an F.

In real life, the brand was an A+.

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