Andre Iguodala’s 7 Best Investments

Andre Iguodala is the NBA’s most underrated investor.

Over the last 10 years, he’s built an empire worth $200M.

Andre Iguodala’s 7 Best Investments

And also what he taught Steph Curry.

Iguodala has collected over $208M in NBA contracts since being drafted in 2004.

He is currently on a 1 year $2.5M deal with the Golden State Warriors.

7) “The Sixth Man: A Memoir”

Igoudala released his first book last year.

It was an instant best-seller.

Thousands of copies have been sold and it has 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

andre igoudala sixth man best selling book

6) Jumia

Igoudala is an early investor and board member of Jumia.

The “Amazon of Africa” had its IPO in 2019 becoming the first African unicorn.

Jumia’s stock was priced at $14.50 and reached $60 in 2021.

5) The Players Tribune

Iguodala invested alongside:

• Kevin Durant

• Derek Jeter

• Kobe Bryant

In 2019, Minute Media acquired The Players Tribune for over $100M.

4) Mercury

Iguodala invested in the “bank built for startup companies” Series A round.

They were recently valued at $1.5B which is up 19x from the $78M valuation.

Iggy’s Mercury investment grows every day.

andre igoudala investing portfolio

3) Portfolio

Iggy has invested between $25,000 and $150,000 across a portfolio of more than 50 companies.

Some notable ones include:

• PagerDuty

• AllBirds

• GameOn

• NerdWallet

• Zuora

• Casper

• Robinhood

• Datadog

• Hims

• Cloudflare

2) Dapper Labs

Igoudala invested in Dapper Labs Series B before NFTs blew up.

You know Dapper Labs as the maker of NBA Top Shot.

They recently raised a $250M Series D valuing it at $7.6B.

1) Zoom

Igoudala got in Zoom before it blew up.
It’s assumed that he invested at Zoom’s $1 billion valuation, meaning his investment would be 4,000% larger today.
If his check size was $100,000 – that would be worth over $4.0M today.

Andre Igoudala Endorsements

How has Iggy been able to make all of these investments while still hooping?

Rudy Cline Thomas x F9 LLC

andre iguoudala and rudy cline thomas f9 ventures
The pair started investing in tech stocks about 10 years ago: • Facebook • Twitter • Tesla

They have invested in 50+ startup companies since.

Iguodala also makes over $2M a year from his endorsements.

Some of them include:

• Nike

• Cisco

• TriNet

• Cheddar

Igoudala’s Philanthropy

Some noteworthy acts: • Raised $1000’s for tornado victims • Began a Youth Foundation • Works with The Hidden Genius Project • VP of the NBPA • Started the Players Tech Summit

“It’s about putting the right people in the right place at the right time and us working together.

The goal is to help take care of the next generation so they’re in a better position as well”

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